apache vhosts not working correctly, all edirects to just one.

I have a fresh install, everythings working great, just trying to get my vhosts working, i set them up in yast, but all the requests just go to the second vhost, my vhosts are defined as such

and there all going to vhost2
if idel hos2 they’ll go to 1, or 3 and so forth

i am guessing i am j6st missing something stupid.
thanks for all your help.

Check this recent thread: VirtualHosts only looks at first instance

Edit: ıf they won’t work out for you, you will try to answer your further questions.

See this thread: VirtualHosts only looks at first instance

At least you can see the right way to do it from that thread.

And you must have those domain names mapped to the IP address of your server in your DNS zone.