apache vhosts and ssl

Currently ive got a pretty basic apache setup going, 2 name based vhosts, both working fine.

I needed to get an ssl certificate in place for one of them, so i got the .crt and .key files in /etc/apache2/ssl.crt and ssl.key.

The problem im having i think has something to do with how the vhosts are setup. I changed the one of the old vhost files to match the templated vhost-ssl file (yes it ends in .conf) but it does not recognize the vhost with ssl anymore. when i run apache2ctl -S it just shows the main website, and not the vhost with the ssl.

Im sure im missing something really simple, but if anyone could point me in the right direction of how to setup these SSL vhosts i’d appreciate it.

Just a note, my webserver only has 1 internal ip address at the moment (i can change this if need be), which is also the reason why i was using namevhosts. Im not sure if this is relevant information.

Because SSL is negotiated before the vhost is selected, effectively it means you can only have one SSL site per IP address and it will be the default site.