Apache problem

Hi there,
i am newbie to your forum but not to OpenSuse. Recently i installed Opensuse 11.1. Previously i was using 11.0. I prefered to do a new installation to avoid conflictions, which may cause an upgrade.

I installed apache2 web server from yast2 but when i try to configure the serve from yast2 is is appeared the message " Cannot adjust apache2 service". Even if i try from RunLevels to enable it the result is Resulted 1 “unspecified error”. Thanks in advance for your help.

This can be the result of a syntax error in one of the Apache configuration files, httpd.conf or default-server.conf in directory /etc/apache2 or (if you made a virtual hosts file) your virtual hosts file in directory /etc/apache2/vhosts.d

So check those 2 or 3 files for syntax errors.

Background reading: HowTo: Configure an Apache Web Server on Suse/openSUSE

I too am having the same problem. I am converting to openSUSE (familiar with redhat, ubuntu, freebsd) - I have apache2 installed and it is running, but it does not show up in yast2 to configure. I have tried everything here, so far…no joy … any thoughts ? Thanks in advance…

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was an accident. humble apology. I replied in the other post.