apache php sends text file


I installed php and apache a while ago I think using the “lamp pattern install”. I’m on suse 11.4 and apache is 2.2.17

I recently tried to get the php interpreter to work. In Yast2 http setup I see that php5 is in the modules list and enabled. Home directory is set to a folder in my home dir: home/alex/web/testSite

error log after restart:

Fri Dec 09 15:24:28 2011] [notice] Apache/2.2.17 (Linux/SUSE) PHP/5.3.5 configured – resuming normal operations

I placed a file info.php that holds only a call to phpinfo(); in the directory above.

When navigating to the file, I get no php output, indeed the actual text is sent and all i see is a blank page. The view source in browser shows the code.
HTML placed in this folder renders fine.

Am I missing something? Are there more settings somewhere for php?

Thanks for your insights!

Did you enclose the PHP code inside tags: i.e. <?php phpinfo(); ?>

I did but had a space after the ? such as <? php …

Thanks for pointing that out. That said, yast2 rocks. Just got this running in kubuntu with a cli and it was a tad time consuming… yast2 point n click!

I feel silly. must go not stare at computers for awhile.