Apache Installation testen?

Hallo, Community,

ich habe mir gemäß Anleitung einen LAMP Server installiert, wie kann ich testen, ob er läuft?



I doubt most folks here speak/read German, so hopefully you can translate

Which openSUSE version, and what steps have you taken to install the LAMP

Once you have it installed, did you start up the various parts of the LAMP
setup, including MariaDB, Apache httpd, etc.?

The simplest test is probably for Apache httpd; if httpd is running, be
sure the firewall allows access (TCP 80) and then you should be able to
access a default ‘It works’ page from an HTTP client. Some commands to help:

#Configure the firewall to allow TCP 80 under 'Allowed Services' via Yast:
sudo /sbin/yast firewall

#Start the Apache httpd service:
sudo systemctl start apache2

#Test the web service from this or another box:
curl -v 'http://server.address.goes.here/'
#or point a web browser on another machine to this box

If things do not work, describe how and hopefully we can help more.

Good luck.

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