apache IfVersion


Apache/2.2.22 (Linux/SUSE) on an openSuse-12.3 throws

Invalid command ‘<IfVersion’, perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

when using <IfVersion >= 2.4>

Searching the net I read something abound a mod_version, however I do not find this in the Suse repositories.

How do I include mod_version?

Thanks for hints and comments,

mariposa:~ # rpm -ql apache2 | grep -i mod_version

Version is, of course, bundled with the Apache2 RPM itself.

To activate:

a2enmod version

Restart Apache.

a2enmod will add it to /etc/sysconfig/apache2 in the apache modules section. You can also edit it by hand if you want.

Thaks a lot, just added version to APACHE_MODULES in /etc/sysconfig/apache2.

Have a nice day,

Thank you for the answer!

I had the same problem with Apache / 2.4.10 and 4.4.12 phpMyAdmin