Apache directives configurations help

Hi, I’m beginner with Linux but an IT pro on Windows!

I plan to run Drupal on my local machine but need help how to configure Apache and PHP if necessary? I’m using 10.3 and installed (LAMP) Apache/2.2.4, PHP/5.2.6. Apache and PHP default installations are running correctly.

1)How and where to modified apache directives to “map” to my Drupal directory?
I’m confuse because some instructions said I have to modified the httpd.conf file, some I have to add virtual host based on vhost.template some to modified default-server.conf etc.

2)What is the key different in using a sub directory of /username/public_html/ with /srv/www/htdocs/?

3)When apache will be setup correctly do I’ll have to modified php settings?

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  1. In this case it is better and easier to create a virtualhost for the Drupal application. Virtual hosts let you tweak your virtual site without affecting global settings configured in httpd.conf for the httpd server.
    Use the template files as a starting point and build on that.

  2. /username/public_html/ is intended for personal user pages: those available from the home directories of the
    legitimate users of the system.
    Not every apache server has this feature enabled.

/srv/www/htdocs/ is more appropriate for standard web sites.
In your case, choose this one. Take into account that nothing prevents you of setting up your own directory. It´s up to you. Just remember to reference/map it from the given Virtual host and give it the right access rights so that the apache task can access the objects stored in the directory hierarchy. Look in the httpd.conf for the user/group the apache process runs as.

  1. Apache can run without PHP. That being said and assuming PHP is installed correctly in your system, no more configuration will be needed. However you would like to tweak some settings in the ini file to enable/disable some php features: sessions, security settings, etc.
    What features you enable/disable depends heavily on the characteristics of your application.

Hope this helps.