Apache content structure

Is there a performance improvement by placing your web content on another hd? Because I will be running .NET Core apps, some apps will be public, others will be for members only.

This is of course very, very vague. Performance improvements by shuffling data to other places depend of course very much on the type and speed of devices (e.g. rotatimg vs. SSD), volume of access, etc., etc.

Do you mean that, you wish to know where, physically, the “/srv” partition should be located?

  • And, whether or not certain sub-directories of the “/srv” partition should by placed in a separate partition or partitions?
  • And, how the bandwidth of the network used by the Apache Web server is related to the I/O performance of the physical device(s) where the “/srv” partition (and possible related partitions) is/are located?

Yes, I want to stream-line the performance on the host OS as much as possible;

  1. have the mariabd on another server to centralize connections for other OS apps,
  2. put the Host OS domain.com content on the second HD.

so apache can have most if not all the execution resources on the main HD.

Then, it’ll depend on the Bandwidth of the Internet connection being served by the Apache Web server.

  • You’ll need to check the supported transmit bit-rate of your Internet connection and, compare that to the maximum read rate of the disks you’re using.
    If the disks can read faster than the transmit bit-rate of your Internet connection then, that’s it …

Excellent and thanks for your reply!.. :slight_smile: