Apache configuration

Hi friends!
I’m looking for a good guide in order to learn to configure and set up Apache (and Tomcat).
I have too many doubts.
For example, how can each user to publish their html files by putting them in their public_html folder? And so on.

(I’m running openSuse 11.0 and have Apache and Tomcat installed.)
Do you know where can I find it?
I saw Apache Foundation site, but it is a little confused and I don’t know where start there.

Thank you in advance.

I think there is an Apache tute in the OpenSUSE wiki but I don’t have the link, maybe someone else can point it out to you.

The personal public_html directory is ~/public_html. All people have to do is put their HTML files there and they are visible. For example, if joe puts index.html in /home/joe/public_html/in ondex.html, the URL is http://www.example.com/~joe/index.html

There is one thing to remember and that is the HTML file must be public readable, and all the directories leading to it must be public readable and searcheable. Otherwise the Apache server cannot serve it.

This is the wiki page ken_yap was referring to: Apache - openSUSE

The external link at the bottom of that page is how I always got things running.
It is however outdated and how to do pretty much the same steps on openSUSE 11.1 is described on the openSUSE wiki.
Don’t think it would be any different for 11.0