Apache Configuration Guidance

I haven’t been able to get a working X11 environment on a Dell PowerEdge 1850. Using YaST without an X11 environment sucks particularly when you are trying to configure Apache. In addition, the Apache configuration files seem to have changed significantly since the last time I configured Apache on a SuSE Linux distribution.

Where can I find good documentation on editing suseconfig files to ensure that I get the modules installed that I need for the collaboration tool that I’m installing?

For modules the only place you need to edit is /etc/sysconfig/apache2, variable APACHE_MODULES, then restart Apache. Of course the package containing the module in question must be installed. They are named apache2-mod_*. PHP5 modules are in their own packages, those are not Apache modules.

You also realise there is a ncurses version of YaST? Just run yast at the terminal window and you’ll get it.

Just a thought: If you need a GUI Desktop you can install one. There’s a few nice light ones e.g. LXDE. For long-term use as a server you could then set it to boot to runlevel 3

If you need the first-level stuff re Apache, here’s some background.