Apache access_compat_mod causing 403

On OpenSUSE 42.2 with apache installed from the 42.2 repositories (using yast), a module called access_compat is installed and enabled by default. From what I understand this module allows apache to understand the “Order allow, deny” rules from previous versions of apache to work on apache 2.4+, but it looks like yast doesn’t create vhosts by default that can work with this module.

I had to disable the access_compat module before I could get around the access forbidden 403 error on my local test page. So I have few questions.

  1. has anyone else seen this issue?
  2. If so did you just disable the module as I did? Or did you update something in the config file(s) to allow the module to be enabled and have vhosts work as expected?
  3. Did I possibly neglect to set something obvious (or not so obvious) in Yast that I should take into account in the future?

Without more details, I’d find it suspicious that an Apache webserver module doesn’t work because of how it’s set up on openSUSE… There might be other reasons, but your guess would be very low on my list.

First, how did you configure your Apache server?
Did you just expect the default install would work? That might work, but Apache websites can be complex and so need configuration.
Did you do initial setup by installing and using the YAST http server module?

With a little investigation here is some important reading…

The Apache mod_access_compat documentation, not that some directives have been deprecated and now are implemented another way

A solution posted to the Ubuntu forums, which is likely distro-agnostic

So, it may be he case that the module is installed and available, but for reasons including on the way to being deprecated is not enabled, and perhaps intentionally.

Speculating away…