Apache 2 Virtual hosts

A little history: My goal was to learn how to use Joomla for website content management. To do this, I needed a local http server, PHP and MySql so I installed them and went through the Joomla tutorial. Then I decided to set up some virtual hosts for use on my LAN (just 4 computers hardwired in my house). In setting up these Virtual Hosts, I got everything FUBAR so I uninstalled the LAMP server and started over.

Using Swerdna’s excellent guide (HowTo: Configure a Linux Apache Web Server on Suse/openSUSE for SSI, Includes, CGI, Common Gateway Interface, AddHandler, ExecCGI, AllowOverride, htaccess, DocumentRoot), I set up everything just like he said except I used my local LAN address ( and different Virtual Host names (jch and joomla). Now I get an “Access Denied” message when I try to log onto the virtual hosts. The loopback ( Apache default works fine with its “It Works!” page when I go to http://localhost.

Is this a permissions problem or something else? I hate to fool around with it too much without some guidance because that is how I got to start over last time.