Anyway to Manage Vmware interfaces By network manager?

Hi all.
Is there anyway to manges virtual network interfaces created by vmware workstation?
When i try to “ifconfig” i see them on console,but not on the network manger.
I mean interfaces like vmnet1 & vmnet8 and … .
I really need it to address the interfaces and other configuration by network manger.
I 'm using opensuse 12.2 ,kernel 3.6 and vmware workstation 9.0.1.

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Why did you decide hat posting here would be more effective then posting in the Virtualization forum?

Hey dude,why so serious?:wink:
Because I thought it’s more related to networks , network manager and networks forum.
but thanks for your reply.

Because my idea was that you think you have a serious problem. And probably wanted the best answer you can get from people who serioulsy know something about the subject. And my idea is that those not using VMware (and thus most abundant here) never saw network interface names like vmnet1 in their life. And thus will simply shrug their shoulders and carry on. And those that know about such strange things as virtual network devices would lurk in the Virtialization forum to see if they can be of any help.

But when you think different, we will leave this thread here.

Ok,so good answer.
You are right.
Excuse Me.
I’ll try to ask it in the virtualization forum. hence no problem, you can erase this thread.
Thank you so much.

PLEASE do not double post.

I will move this (because I guess that is what you wantred to ask.

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Addressing the original Q

You likely should be able to manage your virtual networks and the interface each is bound to and any VMware network services like DHCP ranges from within VMware workstation. I don’t know what you think may be missing or have clooked at this at all but I haven’t found it lacking at all.

So, there shouldn’t be any need to use another tool.