Anyone used TermKit?

On TermKit | Steven Wittens -
Looks VERY promising. Wondering if openSUSE has any plans for this or if anyone’s tried it with openSUSE.

t’s 2011, and monospace text just doesn’t cut it anymore. In the default ANSI color palette, barely any of the possible color combinations are even readable. We can’t display graphs, mathematical formulas, tables, etc. We can’t use the principles of modern typography to lay out information in a readable, balanced way.

So instead, I opted for a front-end built in WebKit. Programs can display anything that a browser can, including HTML5 media. The output is built out of generic widgets (lists, tables, images, files, progress bars, etc.). The goal is to offer a rich enough set for the common data types of Unix, extensible with plug-ins. The back-end streams display output to the front-end, as a series of objects and commands.

I should stress that despite WebKit it is not my intent to make HTML the lingua franca of Unix. The front-end is merely implemented in it, as it makes it instantly accessible to anyone with HTML/CSS knowledge.

On 05/19/2011 09:06 PM, 6tr6tr wrote:
> Wondering if openSUSE has any plans for this

seems that it is downloadable for your Mac or any WebKit browser, so
give it a try…

but, i will stick with the plain terminal, for now…

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