Anyone running Diablo 1 on Suse 11?

I’ve tried running Diablo 1 on Suse 11 with wine 1.1.2 and 1.1.3. Both times Diablo crashed right after the blizzard logos. I’ve checked on the WineHQ site and I’ve made sure its not using opengl for directdraw. However it is still crashing. How do I fix this?

Hi mate

I am running Diablo2 under 11.0 and had a similar issue to you with the blizzard logo.

Are you running compiz?

I find that when the blizzard logo is happening I can flip out or mouse to a top corner to make the compiz window effects happen, I then click on desktop space to minimize the diablo 2 window…

When I click back on the diablo game in the taskbar its waiting for me at the main menu and i can play for hours on end (and I do lol) with no problems…

I do this everytime I launch the game, its annoying but its the only way I could get it to work.

Good Luck!!!

PS - Pray for a native Linux version of Diablo 3

Question for ya what did you have to do to get diablo 2 to work anything special?

Nope it still crashes with the compiz trick.