Anyone running dark theme in Eclipse Mars on tumbleweed?

Even on a non-bleeding-edge distro, it always seems that the dark theme is doomed in Eclipse. Once I try switching to a dark theme I am left with an unusable Eclipse IDE, because it has white text in the pull down menus and on all UI buttons, and light gray backgrounds, rendering all menus and buttons unreadable. Some parts of the IDE become dark, and don’t go back to light again even when I switch back to light themes.

I’m using a gnome desktop and the gnome desktop appearance in other Linux apps is set to be dark, but Eclipse of course has its own lame “theme” system.

I think I’ll just give up and go back to IntelliJ which works fantastic. I would sometimes like to use Eclipse on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. Has anyone found any technique to get it to work in the dark theme?