Anyone ran steam games on opensuse?

Wondering if anyone’s tried Steam games on OS and how much success they’ve had

I’ve read somewhere that it doesn’t work well with using a symlink to a steamapps folder situated on an ntfs partition when running under wine, so any feedback on this particular issue and how people got around it (if even necessary) would be most appreciated

Not installed it yet but when I do the My Games folder is already contained in an nfs exported share and I’m kinda thinking I might play with trying to move the games for windows live stuff to a share as well, be great to have the same progress in games under linux as ya do under windows and I know dirt2 needs files in these folders, maybe others do as well

This is all assuming of course, that I can actually get steam to work under wine in the first place lol!

On Thu, 07 Jul 2011 03:36:03 +0000, Ecky wrote:

> Wondering if anyone’s tried Steam games on OS and how much success
> they’ve had

Have a search through the forum, or on the AppDB up at - there
have been a couple of threads here, and the AppDB describes successes at
getting it to run with WINE.


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Thanks for the reply there Jim

I had looked around here and on the web in general for info about running steam on linux and that’s where I came across the issue of wine not working well with a symlink to a steamapps folder situated on an ntfs partition mounted with ntfs-3g, didn’t see anything on ways people may have got around the issue though

One thought I’ve had is that the windows makes use of some nfs & samba shares as does the OS (nis logons & nfs homes) so if I do run into that issue I might try reinstalling steam in the windows, but install it to one of the network shares as that way ntfs wouldn’t come into it, just not sure how well the games would run

Well I got off to a great start, can’t install steam at all

It can’t install to network drives and my home directory is an nfs export

Got steam to install by copying the entire .wine directory to a local drive, renaming the original .wine to .wine.bak and then creating a symlink called .wine to the local copy of wine that I made, it was a ‘might as well try it’ affair but it seems to run ok

Does indeed crash when trying to use an ntfs located steamapps folder though

Not backed up the steam games yet, a couple are partway through downloading (came free with my shiny new graphics card) so I’m gonna finish the downloads and back everything up, then I intend to fool with trying to get windows and OS using a shared steamapps folder, should be fun as I already have 3 windows machines using the same steam games

It appears that isn’t gonna work out, at least not without creating a fat drive for the steamapps folder to live on

Under wine it can’t work with an ntfs or network drive

Under Windows steam won’t install to a network folder either (and obviously not to a linux format drive)

So until the redmond rabble build support for ext format drives into their OS it’s a case of the only way to avoid installing all your games twice is to run a vm in linux just for steam or just plain don’t bother with steam in one of your operating systems

Bit of a disappointment because being able to access the same games and progress in them would have been ideal as other than to run steam games I hardly ever boot windows on my own machines, games are the last remaining thing I can’t do just as well if not better in linux as I can in windows

I’m convinced it’s a goddarned conspiracy!

I have it installed in the .wine folder on the openSUSE partition itself. There were a couple of different syntax for running the .msi to install Steam which I don’t remember offhand. Sorry. I found them on the web and don’t remember where. I guess a google search is in order if you need to do that.

Steam itself seems to work perfectly and as for games, I have half life 2 deathmatch and half life 2 lost coast. They work much better than I would have expected, however deathmatch seems to spontaneously drop to the desktop if too many people are in a server. No idea why. It never does that if I create one and go in alone.

I know this isn’t what you are trying to do. Actually I have no idea what you are trying to do. Looking at post title, just thought I would toss in that Steam can work in Linux and the games can run reasonably well.

Yeah mate I can run steam under wine

What I can’t do is make steam use the same steamapps folder under both linux and windows, which is kinda possible, but steam crashes under wine if you put the steam apps folder on an ntfs drive and symlink to it

It would probably work if I made a fat32 partition, reinstalled steam to that partition under windows and then symlinked to the steamapps folder thereunder wine instead of using the steampps folder wine makes when steam is installed

This would allow to only have your steam games installed once as linux and windows would be using the same game installations, I just feel like using fat32 would be a backward step that I don’t really wanna take as much because I’d have to spend so much time shifting around everything I have on all my meticulously created and highly organised partitions to create space for a fat32 one as anything else

It’s no big thing though, just a little experiment I wanted to try

I don’t want to talk **** about WINE because I use it. But its really pretty terrible actually. Its incredibly buggy and I find that I spend more time debugging and figuring out workarounds that actually doing what I wanted. SO I will generally just boot my windows partition and play a few rounds of CS:S or TF2.

I had a recent problem with STEAM and WINE where it would crash every ****ing time I opened TF2. No other game, just TF2. I also found that the overlays studdered a lot with my chipset - nvidia. A problem I don’t have on windows oddly enough. I expect that is just a driver problem but still WINE is not worth the effort for Steam.

Probably wine mate, never tried playonlinux, crossover etc but I expect they’re just as ‘good’ as wine with games

Don’t think mainstream games are ever really gonna run very well on linux which is a crying shame, for me at least games are the one last bastion where windoze and mac hold sway over linux

About a year ago, i managed to install and use steam under linux with wine (was using ubuntu then). On that same setup (but independently from steam), i had Quake4, Doom 3, and Halo.
Those games ran perfectly 99% of the time, but some of them like quake 4 and doom 3, ocacionally crashed without any error. Also tried Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, wich (at the time) were reported as “working” under wine. Well they “work”, at about 10 fps!. Unplayable.

I too think that if you have linux on your PC, and you want to play games, the best and easiest solution is to just dual boot windows and play there. It will save you a ton of grief.

I had installe wine+steam in linux mint and COD 5 played with no issues at all.I was thinking of installing here in opensuse but just didnt get time but now after reading these thread I am not convinced to install steam in opensuse.

Any way I am not a big gamer but noticed that in both ubuntu and mint there was much more of us gamers…