Anyone has old fgltrx before ati cut support for older cards

Anyone knows what is version of proprietaty ati driver and does anyone have it?
I seem to have problems in 11.3 with open radeon and radeonhd drivers, but I need older as I have rv550 (x2300).
I would be very much obliged if anyone could pass me the file somehow.

Ouch, ATI dropped support for legacy drivers. Even if you found the driver it would not work with the newer kernels.

you are looking at a very serious undertaking to try and use an older ati driver with the 11.3 kernel, it would take someone knowledgeable in kernel development and even then turn out to be unfeasible. For the 11.1 kernel (2.6.27) i have these files. - lhuwo9o

i have some other ATI .run packages if you require them (i’m a packrat), just figure out what you might need and post back.

I have custom compiled kernel (for 11.2) and taboo-ed its updates, of course I would make backup. Just wondering can I use .run package from ATI, latest one before support was off, and can I somehow install it.
I don’t know should I try with RPM that is for 11.1, or to go with ati .run file… second option seems better, if you have it.

What are my problems:

  • kernel that came with 11.3 does not work, and I lost many hours unsucessfully making it work with everything I have. I gave up. Using older one
  • Radeon and Radeonhd drivers that worked more-or-less well, got worse in 11.3, not to mention that I cannot find radeon xorg driver, just radeonhd

I just want my graphics to work as it worked before, without downgrading suse and kernel version. (as in kernels before, Atheros didnt worked well)

Hmm I agree that video in 11.3 is a bit of a mess. It is not clear if this will be fixed before 11.4 since if seems it is a kernel problem for the most part.

You can not install the legacy ATI driver because it will not work with new kernels and ATI won’t update it anymore.

per your request. - 6l0l5og

Thank you J_xavier.
Now, if something goes wrong, as @gogalthorp said, will recovery procedure will be possible? I will backup xorg.conf, and as I have sax, will sax -r -m 0=radeon in init 3 reslove problem?
Should I beckup kernel image also?