Anyone getting no notification sounds in KDE 4.0.99?

I just updated to the latest KDE build. For some reason the notification sounds do not play at all, even when you press the play button in the notifications settings.

Anyone else getting this issue?

Found the issue. For some reason, the 4.0.99 update had uninstalled the Xine Phonon backend and replaced it with the Gstreamer Phonon backend. The Gstreamer Phonon backend doesn’t work very well (at least for me). I’ve reinstalled the Xine phonon backend and switched to it in System Settings-> Sounds. It works now, although the initial login sound still gets cut off prematurely.

Benjamin, I hope you see this post. Thank you for posting your fix for this. I had the same trouble in 4.1, and used your post to fix it.

No problem! I wonder if anyone has gotten the gstreamer backend to work? It’s weird why they made it default.