Anyone ever use "System Restore"?

I see this application in YAST, and apparently you need to save your configuration first, before it will work.

My 11.1 setup is finally running pretty good, and I’m considering trying this out in case I run into problems later on.

So has anyone ever used this and if so what did you think of it?

I’ve used it once to restore a 10.3 install on a new disk with a fresh 10.3 install.

It worked pretty well but I remember I needed to tinker with menu.1st, fstab and some other files due to restoring to a differently setup partition layout.
Other than that the system was up and running within an hour. Did not have much data on that system though… just some web server related content and MYSQL dbs.

I’d say… have a test on a vm or test system first to see how that works out… but as Linux consists of files it’s less icky then you would think.

I have used it. It works well, but afaik, it is only for the ‘system’ itself such as the installed software and configs. anything in your /home directory is not backed up.

My file server uses it and backup up weekly. However, for /home, I use gadminrsync to sync the contents to another separate disk.



Looked at it once but decided it would take longer than backing up /home regularly and doing a fresh install if I ever had a problem.