Anyone else find vendor changes difficult in 11.3 Software Manager?

There’s some things that I like about the new Software Manager in 11.3 (more efficient on space, installs don’t have to close the window, nice layout with better visuals) but the vendor/repo aspect seems to have been hidden in a way that complicates things.

I just found that I couldn’t play my M4A files because I had GStreamer-bad, but it wasn’t Packman’s version. Some of the others were his (e.g. Ugly and Fluendo mux/demux), but that one wasn’t. In the old Software Manager there was a nice little option to pick what version you wanted to install, which made the change to Packman files easy. I’d found the “allow vendor change” option, but it was only by luck that I ended up noticing a “change all packages to this vendor” option when I went to “Repositories” as the grouping.

Overall I’m giving Software Manager a 50% rating improvement on some changes and a 50% decline for other changes.

No problem at all
Remember though Packman repo for 11.3 is far from populated.

Though I have no issue myself, I don’t have a M4A file to try.

zypper dup -r <repo_name>


Yeah, I found that option in the end, but it wasn’t anywhere near as obvious as it used to be. I’d even looked at the Repository view before, and it was only on about the fifth grouping by repo that I noticed it had a “swtich to this vendor” option! It might not help that it’s just a button on the Gnome interface rather than a box that’s a different colour. The old drop-down gave you nice and easy access to the different repos with a clear idea of which different repos had the package available. All that information seems to be lost and you’ve now got to manually go through each repo in “group by” mode.

I’m not even sure you can just switch one package any more, so if you only want some Packman packages and you want some that openSUSE provides that Packman also has then it currently seems to be an all or nothing approach - you either get the latest from any repo from the main view, or you use the “switch vendor” that does all packages. You could uninstall and re-install from repo view, but uninstalling things like gstreamer-base isn’t an option because it takes loads of stuff with it.

So far the Packman repos seem to be sufficiently full for what I need, which is generally just GStreamer.


The gnome interface in Yast is hopeless.
You need to switch to the QT UI

Generally we recommend as few repos as you can manage with.
Switch vendor in those first and finally Packman

Fine tune any individual packages this way:
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It seems to hold true for me then if I just run ‘zypper up’

That’d work and would make sense, but it looks like the GTK interface doesn’t have a “versions” tab. It has the change log, the file list and the dependencies, but they’re collapsible elements rather than separate tabs. I’ll give the Qt interface a try, but it’s bit poor if Gnome can’t have a decent way of doing things and you’ve got to switch to the Qt interface (which most people won’t do - they’ll just think it is broke or they can’t do it).

D’oh! I just discovered that there’s a “Versions” expander on the GTK interface! Seemingly it wasn’t obvious enough before. It does seem a bit cramped with all those expanders in there compared to the tabs in the Qt interface. That said, I gave the Qt interface a quick try and although it works under GTK, I still prefer the native GTK interface for general appearance.

Whatever gets the job done!