Anybody who can help me to get the Cakewalk midi keyboard controller A-500S to work?

Hi All!

I bought a Cakewalk A-500S. When I connect it, I can see this: A-500S.jpg

So, the keyboard is recognized by OpenSUSE 11.3 (x86_64).
But I can not find a way to get it to work. Who can help me?

Greetings, Wim


So KDE picks up your midi keyboard controller, but what sound server and midi application software (sequencer, soft synthesizer) are you trying to use it with?

Further to previous post, for midi application software I use Rosegarden for the sequencer and Qsynth for the soft synth, although I use a different instrument and/or Rosegarden’s notation editor for input. They are available from packman repo. The sound server is jack, with the additional gui package qjackctl, and I installed both of those from 11.3’s Oss repo.

Hi consused, good to see you again :slight_smile:

I want to use it with Rosegarden, to play the notes with the keyboard instead of dragging them with the mouse in the notation editor.
I tried to connect the keyboard with qjackctl, but I don’t see it there:

Greetings, Wim

Hi Wim,

Just plugged in my effect processor (via usb), picked up by KDE ok. Then started Jack, and in qjackctl go Setup>Input Device and click on right-side button (>) to select my effects processor device. There, you should see your keyboard as an input device for selection.

Just to be clear (edit timeout on my last post), I was plugging in my guitar effects processor by way of example. :slight_smile:

BTW, in qjackctl’s SETUP you can also set the device at “Interface” level. You can try either or both to see what happens, as I haven’t used that device on the system I’m on right now, so cannot check.

After setting the the input device in qjackctl, IIRC in Rosegarden>Studio menu>Manage MIDI Devices, select the appropriate MIDI Input for MIDI Recording in the lower panes.

Hopefully after doing all that, the connections will show in qjackctl’s Connect display, and playing/recording can begin. :wink:

Hi consused!

YES, works! :-))
Thank you very much.

Greetings, Wim

Welcome, pleased to have assisted you, Wim. Thanks for giving me some good news today. :slight_smile: