Anybody use Moonlight?

Even with Moonlight installed, I just can’t seem to find any websites using the Silverlight technology to test Moonlight on!

Those that I do know about (Microsoft, ASP.NET) I see the “install Silverlight” link but even in Windows with Silverlight I don’t see anything going on, and I don’t see anything via Moonlight either.

On Fri, 2010-01-08 at 18:56 +0000, dragonbite wrote:
> Even with Moonlight installed, I just can’t seem to find any websites
> using the Silverlight technology to test Moonlight on!

And as with flash… the few sites that are out there usually
require the latest Silverlight, and that’s not well supported
by Moonlight.

I use moonlight very rarely. I find that it is utmost difficult to find an evening that is really sufficiently cloud free here in the North. U better use sunlight. ;).
All this Silverlight and Moonlight seem to be…so …soft. Nearly down to the smallest level. So to say micro-soft.

Sorry…but…I couldn’t help it…



I love full moons, when it is so bright I could walk around at night and not worry about bumping into things. Unfortunately, it also means it’s bright enough for the Coyotes to hunt…

Moonlight silverlight whateverthe****itislight, its the same broken standard.
Why Novell trusted Microsoft to collabarate with the stupid thing I have no idea

I did find some site that has some Silverlight test video and it worked pretty nicely. Dare say, better than Flash because it didn’t peg my CPU at 100% for the moment.

Whether or not you like the Microsoft backing, Adobe getting some comeptition could make things a lot more interesting. Look how quickly Microsoft has started moving after loosing browser ground to Firefox and OS space from Vista!

Microsoft is waking up, so now it’s time to wake up another software giant!

Maybe, just maybe, it could make Adobe decide to start developing/porting their applications to Linux?

Glad you are a humorous person.

The problem with these plugins is that they tend to be like the former IE (with proprietary extensions “optimized per”).

Once one industry has sufficient market power it can impose the presence of their product. Now if this product is not REAL opensource this causes legal insecurity to programmers (no, to say, we promise not to sue you - is not enough - why then not put it real opensource from the beginning and that’s it).

Already FLASH in 90% of the cases is a totally unnecessary p.i.t.a., if you know what I mean. It costs bandwidth, very, too often it is redundant, not needed for a good web-page design. It is without any doubt widening the problem of digital divide. You tell me a good example where you really NEED these things for an efficient web-design and you will not come to 10 examples, no even 5 I would guess.
The efforts of all industry has always been the reach of a sound monopolistic position (and what MS has currently in the OS sector is still a sound monopolistic position). Do not take this as anti-MS. The latter is true for all industries, included Adobe, Google, and Apple (the latter is applying an incredible proprietary policy to avoid to open a front to competitors for their products - since they already do not have enough market power). No industry wants “a free market” and they know exactly why.

The Internet is antithetic to this. It is designed to be open, possibly not to be used for exclusion, it gives consumers potentially great level of information (thus making bargaining more difficult). It is everything you DO NOT WANT if you are CEO of a company or a politician. All of these subjects searching rightly to full-fill their needs. So the web is full of “sex” that has to filtered (China) that naturally …ooops, filters also the opposition, the web is full of pedophiles that are all and only acting over the Internet, so wee need to control all the communicational channels and register (Europe and US) them…Flash/Silver-/Moonlight plugins represent the economical side of this problem. We create plugins that are proprietary and wait (promising not to sue anybody) to have sufficient market power. It is (annoyingly) always the same. :shame:

So using moon-, silver- or flashlight are not really necessary and are jeopardizing IMHO the free web a bit more. Just my opinion.

Nice joke! HAHAHA!!!

I wanted to watch the Ballmer’s CES 2010 speach on the MS site and it said I didn’t had Silverlight so it redirected me to a page where I could download Moonlight. I did that hoping to be able to watch the video. After installing of Moonlight and then going back to the MS video site, all it did was “Buffering” for a few seconds and the rest was a black screen with no audio or video. After restarting Firefox again (as I thought this may fix it) and going back again to the video site, same behavior occured so in the end, I couldn’t watch anything at all

Moral of the story? I was so frustrated that I literally wanted to buy a bazooka and go bomb both MS and Novell

Frustrated for not seeing Ballmer??? Imagine how you would feel IF you would have seen him… rotfl!

No, frustrated for that piece of **** not working while at the same time both MS & Novell touting it as the best new thing all should use…

And I’m not an MS/Ballmer hater or basher. I regularly watch MS videos, most of the time on NT kernel development. When it comes to MS, I just don’t use their products as I don’t like them and I disagree with how they like to control stuff and their bogus FUD propaganda (as if people are stupid and don’t know **** so MS has to educate them with lies). This doesn’t mean that because of all this, it is prohibited to watch their videos

Flash may be old and a CPU hog, but I never had a case where I couldn’t watch a video somewhere. Can’t say the same thing with Craplight

Heaven beware anybody be prohibited to watch anyones videos. On the substance I totally agree. Especially on the sentence I quoted.

Anyways, after reading a bit about his speach, it became clear that it was a failure (nothing really new announced and definitely nothing exciting) so maybe it’s a good thing not watching the video and wasting over an hour of my time :slight_smile:

I’ve never been a fan of Web 2.0. Websites demanding Flash and Javascript just to view their content (no, thanks, I’ll look somewhere else) and annoying embedded videos that I haven’t requested being thrown in in my face. Flash used for basic things such as banners. 2.0 is focused on infotainment, and as far as I’m concerned, the Web has only devolved as a result.

And there are Comcast and a few others fighting hard to control our use of the Internet, making a perverse argument that net neutrality “stifles competition and innovation.”

Good point. Actually the net neutrality is the uttermost sound reason while there is still an Internet.
A little bit they begin to understand that they are shuffling their very own grave. Recently the perverse software patent practice of some bigger US player has gotten backfire from the Patent Office. There is simply no alternative to this reorientation to open standards and usable cooperative knowledge, if they want to stay world-league.
But my apologies, this is OT and we are high-jacking a bit the thread.

I doubt it, and moonlight is next to useless thanks to microsofts nonsense…
we are two versions behind… again, and I thought this was supposed to be a collaboration but so far its been microsofts way of saying “haha, fooled you”

I do use moonlight…the 2.0 beta. It works on some sites. But there’s a trick if it does not open the stream:

Right click in the moonlight player, click Sources. Then click the stream, click Open File, and on my systems kmplayer launches and opens the stream. Not how it should be, but it made my watch-the-speedskating experience a lot better than the wmv that was provided.

Last time I checked, the primary development platform of Adobe for Flash, is Linux :wink:

That said, Flash is a “rotten technology” badly developed and implemented. Adobe totally screwed it up after taking over Macromedia

A-ha! Finally! :slight_smile:

What sites have you found to use Silver-/Moonlight?

Just some dutch ones, only accessible from here. I know since some friends wanted to watch speedskating in Japan, the stream told them they should come home first.

NOS Nieuws - Live - Journaal 24
is one that works for me, in Firefox, not in Opera (yet)