Anybody having Freezing problems

I am having several problems:

When I go to settings, select YAST, login as root, the root screen login goes away, then the desktop is frozen. The only way to get out is to turn the power button till it shuts down.
Same problem on Locking the screen for a while, the screen freezes and I have to do the same procedure as above.

I have reloaded as new installations about 5 times now and this version is beginning to **** me off. This version has been problems, problems, problems, the most I have ever seen on any version since I started.

This is a brand new machine within the last two months, so there shouldn’t be any hardware issues.:’(

This is a brand new machine within the last two months, so there shouldn’t be any hardware issues.:cry:

not necessarily hard drives and graphic cards can die unexpectedly and if it’s a new machine that’s good news it means you can get new ones.
I had freezing issues with plasma5 when Firefox was running the fix was using the propitiatory graphic drivers.

Initially I also had random freezes. My solution was to disable all desktop effects, found in System Settings, not Yast. (System Settings>Workspace>Desktop Behaviour>Desktop Effects-> uncheck all) Worth a try, it worked for me, my machine was three years old. Good luck.

Yes I to have had this problem… also when using Firefox and Yast. And like you the only way to get the system back is to re-boot. when this happens. I can get to the console screen with Cntl+Alt+F1…
I have Manjaro installed on the same PC and I do not have this problem with it… Occassionally when it freezes it also loose the title bar on the windows of the frozen application

I have the same problem with screensaver in Thumbleweed but I noticed that if you will wait enought long it is starts working.
Sometimes CTRL+ALT+F1 and then CTRL+ALT+F7 helps.
What hardware do you have? I’m using APU A8.
I’ll test disabling Desktop Effects.

I made KDE bug report:
I think that people who have the same problem can also comment and vote for this bug.