Anybody having font rendering problems with freetype 2.7 + Wine apps in TW?

Hi there, has anybody been able to work around the poor rendering of Wine app system fonts with the new freetype2 2.7?

Bad rendering with new freetype2:

**Old acceptable rendering style:

You need to look at changing the defaults by the look for Wine;

Hmm, could you please explain what you’re recommending I change? Thanks.

Have a look at the previous post in the thread I linked to has a user example when using wincfg.

Systemwide look at YaST -> System -> Fonts.

Hi, the user is example is by me. :slight_smile: I know how to disable the entire new freetype2 rendering mode, but I don’t want to enable it across the system with an environment variable, because it works well aside from Wine.

YaST Fonts also doesn’t improve anything.

Ahh, now the penny drops :wink:

If you use IRC, jump on #opensuse-gnome and have a chat with DimStar direct, he may be able to help…?