Any Web Development kit available in SUSE 12.1?

Heloo Guys,

I just want to ask that are you aware of any good web development application or kit available for opensuse 12.1 .
I really want something good so please help me ! :smiley:

> I really want something good so please help me ! :smiley:

please describe what you mean by “good”…

that is, i’ve been using Bluefish for years and have developed and
maintained several websites using it alone…

so, to me is good but i don’t know what you want or need!

do you just want html for a simple site?
or do you want to build a web shop with carts and checkout?
maybe you just wanna blog?
or, serve up live football games?
or build a music streaming web site?
or one more site with pix of pretty girls?
maybe you want Flash? or Silverlight? or Moonlight? or or or or
or what??

dump Flash:

thats it i got my answer… thanks… :smiley: :smiley:

If it comes to HTML and CSS i will be better with Bluefish…

any alternative for flash or websites?? !!

KompoZer for Wysiwyg and Netbeans PHP for coding JavaScript, PHP…

On 11/22/2011 11:56 AM, himanshuas2711 wrote:
> any alternative for flash or websites??

i would say that Flash is on the way out (others may have other
opinions–listen to all)…you can get the same effect (or soon will be
able to) with HTML5, so i wouldn’t spend much time buying Adobe’s
expensive flash authoring software… (eventually they will give it away)

websites? i don’t understand your question–personally i use a host site
and they offer all kinds of authoring tools, checkout software,
databases and etc etc etc etc…there is no need to re-invent that wheel
on your nettop/laptop/desktop and keep it plugged in and powered up
(making greenhouse gasses) 24x7…check around, i find it cheaper to
rent a host site…which comes with high availability and all that
noise and heat somewhere other then around me…


dump Flash: