Any way to speed up GTK redraws?

I’m pretty happy with OpenSuSE as things are right now, except for one little problem…](

The window in the foreground in Nautilus. The one behind it is Banshee, with bits of Nautilus and empty space strewn about it, courtesy of GTK’s slow redraws.

This is not a major usability problem, but that doesn’t keep it from driving me bonkers. I don’t see anything like this with KDE (3 or 4) and definitely not with Windows; it seems limited to GTK, especially GTK programs written using Mono.

Aside from turning on AIGLX (which my graphics hardware is too sluggish to make good use of) or using a different window manager (which seems to make little difference), is there anything I can do? Any GTK-related environment variables I can change, for instance?

You have made sure, you turned off all desktop effects? If you are convinced the desktop is eating up all resources, try a lighter desktop like XFCE or Enlightenment. They are quite OK for daily use, and much much lighter on the system.

All desktop effects are off. These slow redraws are not limited to Gnome, they occur in any desktop environment (as I said, switching window managers does little if anything).