Any way to get refund for winblows?


I’ve just got an Asus laptop which of course came with Winblows 7 Premium. Is there anyone lucky enough who managed to get a refund from Asus or Microsoft? I got a refund from Dell without a problem. But Asus or MS… Anyone even tried? In Australia Asus only have a warranty department, so it’s pointless talking to them, they don’t know or can’t anything.

i think (don’t know for sure) the refund procedure is addressed in
their EULA…

i think it is only about $50 (US) and i don’t think i’d try to read
any MS EULA for so little money…unless i needed a nap right
after a good strong cup of coffee…


Even with Dell you have to jump trough hoops, I know of one success story though Dell customer gets Windows refund - LinuxWorld :wink:

Same article linked to above also states “but most laptop vendors have refused to honor the refund clause in Microsoft’s End User License Agreement (EULA) unless the user returns the entire laptop”
Which I’ve found to be true, and not just for laptops. You could try the same approach carefully documentating that you refuse to accept the EULA, I’d estimate your chance of success near 0% however :(.

No, Dell is really good in this sense, at least here in Australia. I have personally got a refund for windows from them, just called them and told them I refuse to accept MS license, can you please give me a refund, they said no problem and offered $100 for XP Home (3-4 years ago). When I was looking for a new laptop, I was looking at Inspiron 14z, so I called Dell and asked them if I could get a refund again, they said no problem, just order the laptop on the internet, turn it on, do not accept the license, call us and we will give you a refund. No, Dell are really good.

But, after 4 weeks of everyday internet and shop research, I finally chose Asus. It just suits me more as I travel a lot (I used it for a couple of hours for 3-4 days, then I installed new openSUSE on it and then spent 6 hours configuring it - all on the same battery! unbelievable!!!) and looks better. I don’t hope I’d get a refund, but just wanted to find out if anyone tried, particularly from either Asus or MS.

Wow this is interesting!
I didnt know this.
I am not sure in India if they can give money back. :stuck_out_tongue:
Will be good in all way otherwise.