Any way to Configure OpenSUSE 13.1/KDE with Panel Setting Auto Hide AND "windows can cover"?

I want Auto Hide enabled. However, I’m also seeing a situation where some application opens a new window at the very top of the screen and pops the panel down. Every time this happens, I have to wait 2 seconds for the panel to autohide before I can reach the controls of the window. So, I want to be able to immediately click on the new window and raise it above the panel without waiting at all.

Why isn’t this option present? Why is auto-hide a mutually exclusive option? Can I submit a change myself to make these options independent to the code stream for OpenSUSE?

Can’t answer your question but . . . the autohide panel function in KDE 4.13 hides the panel in less than half a second so wouldn’t really be an inconvenience at all.
Or . . . move the panel to the bottom of the screen (where it usually is by default :slight_smile: )

edit: oh, and of course it is possible to post feature requests for KDE

I used a VAX II running Unix back in the day, and it had the taskbar/panel on top - that’s one of the few things OS X got right, and Linux/Windows got wrong. There’s no way I’d ever move it to the bottom.

As far as the amount of time the panel takes to hide, it’s not 500ms, it’s longer - you’ll have to trust me.

well I did say KDE 4.13
What version of KDE are you using?
On my system it is certainly auto-hiding in about half a second (you’ll have to trust me :wink: )
I usually don’t use the auto-hide function so can’t comment on earlier versions of KDE and whether KDE 4.13 is quicker or not.

There is a discussion here around the autohide function

it seems the panel is hardcoded to show instantly on mouseover and auto-hide after 500ms

There is bug report here

which would ultimately be a solution as you could delay the panel showing and close it with a mouse click. However, the bug has been open for some time with no indication as to when it might be addressed.