any shell utility sending mail to remote server directly?

As above. I’m looking for any shell utility to send my emails to remotehost:remoteport, not localhost:25. Anything integrated in Suse (i.e. available in any of SuSe rpms) like mailx, mutt, sendmail etc., but with additional “-h remotehost” option.

I know that I can set up personal email server for myself, but, cmon, what for? All I need is sending emails from cron. There’s in poinit in opening post office, when all it does is passing letters to another post office. That’s simply one more point of failure. I can’t understand why it’s so hard to find such utility.

mailx can do it. The man page talks about the smtp variable. Is this what you want?

   smtp   Normally, mailx invokes sendmail(8) directly to  transfer
          messages.  If the smtp variable is set, a SMTP connection
          to the server specified by the value of this variable  is
          used  instead.  If the SMTP server does not use the stan‐
          dard port, a value of server:port can be given, with port
          as a name or as a number.

Believe it or not, I had quick look at mailx manual a moment ago. I must have been blind. Cheers.