Any other operating systems suports LVM, Btrfs and partition encrypt?

openSUSE 13.1 becomes unstable, that is logout without warning, power saving failed to automatic suspend, Gnome crashes, KeepassX storing file error ( I fix it by reinstalling KeepassX)…I have reinstalled openSUSE 13.1 once but there is still the same problem. But since at first time I installed openSUSE 12.1 and I selected Btrfs for /home, and encrypt the LVM. Is there any other Linux OS suporting LVM, Btrfs and partition encrypt?

Several, I think.

Probably Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, Arch.

I currently have Ubuntu and Mint (based on Ubuntu) running in an encrypted LVM. I have done that with Arch in the past.

However, opensuse is the easiest to setup that way. Arch requires that you have some basic knowledge.

I think Ubuntu will be easy enough if you allow it to delete existing partitions and then repartition the disk. But, installing in an existing encrypted LVM is a *****.

I’m not sure of “btrfs” support in the systems that I mentioned, but I would be surprised if it is not there.

I am duel booting openSUSE 13.1 (x86-64) and arch (x86-64) both systems are using UEFI, lvm on luks and everything but the “boot” partions are formated as btrfs.

I am thinking of changing 13.1 to tumbleweed to take advantaged of the kernel upgrades that include improvements for btrfs because usually the improverments are not backported.

Personally, I found that (except for having to do some reading) in Arch (using the terminal) it was easy to create the partitions than to set-up them up in openSUSE (fresh instal from DVD).

Do you feel openSUSE 13.1 more unstable than 12.3? Or because I format / folder to btrfs? How to convert ext4 from btrfs without copying personal datas to another partition or device? I try to change to size of volumes of lvm and each time had error message, but sometimes failed and sometimes done, does it matters that one of my volume is btrfs format?

No 12.3 and 13.1 are about the same. Unless you have very small partitions defined and BTRFS snapshot files the partition with snapshots BTRFS is OK but you do have to allow more space then with ext4 because of snapshots. Or turn them off.

I would not think the a full partition would cause the problems you report. More likely a hardware problems or possibly a corrupted file. Have you run smartctl to check the hard drive for errors? Also could be a video problem yo did not tell use the card or driver you use

AFAIK tyou can not simply change the format and in any case doing so even with a program that does it is risky so at the least you should backup your data. Also note that if you use encryption it reduces you chance to recover data if something goes wrong so you should always backup.

I am familia with Windows better than Linux, Can I use Windows tool like HDTune instead?

I doubt any Windows program will know how to do BTRFS

On the other hand an program that does a low level analysis of the hard drive will check the condition of the disk

smartctrl is a command line program that checks the smart system on the hard drive which records errors and such