Any OpenSuSe groups in India? :-)


Just wonder if any OpenSuSe group exists in India. I am thinking to start 1 soon. Finding location where I can give a kick-start for it.

Any OpenSuSe people from Europe/US going to visit India? Specially Mumbai? I live close to Mumbai and we can have a SuSe event. Not many people in India know SuSe that much compare to Fedora & Ubuntu. Don’t no why!! They should actually adopt SuSe. SuSe is pretty plug and play specially when it comes to drivers support.


I live in Pune and am not aware of any suse groups :frowning:

One of the states in South India has a lot of SuSE installations - forgotten which one - and I realise they are probably at least 1,000 miles from where you are.

Kewl !!!
Me from Pune city too.
Lets plan out some day to have a small suse event. :slight_smile:

john : thank for the info. I think we’ll have some opensuse discussion soon.

I went through video’s of opensuse meetings at opensuse TV. Seems kool. There is 1 LUG Linux User Group ] in my city but 99% discussions happen there is on developement. :expressionless:

I think still there are many end users and system admins to whom we can explain how useful opensuse is like for squid proxy, NIS, Samba server etc which I found easy to set up and configure compare to other crazy linux distro’s. Around Pune/Mumbai] Fucntionality and package manager is much easy to use in suse. lol!

thax for ur comments on suse.i too use it and its marvulous.

I am in Hyderabad.

sorry i missed this thread when it was fresh in June…had i seen it i
would have offered this link: