Any one tried Go-oo OR Lotus Symphony?

I just want to know, does any one tried Go-oo OR Lotus Symphony before?
Your Office Suite
IBM Lotus Symphony
How they are compare to OpenOffice. The file format support and other extensions.
Lotus Symphony is available for openSUSE?

Any comments and ideas would be appreciated.

Go-oo is just the Novell sponsored ‘fork’ of Ooo isn’t it?

So if you install Ooo from Suse’s repos, you actually get Go-oo. I believe Ubuntu use it too - along with a few others. I think the interface is altered, and it starts quicker. Other than that supporters of both camps claim the other is more buggy, so hard to know.

I tried Lotus Symphony, and didn’t personally get along with it. It has a clean, simple interface, but to actually use it felt clunky and unpolished to me. Hopefully it will improve.

You can download it as an rpm directly from their website - though you have to sign up with an email address.

Go-OO includes contributions to the main OO tree which have not (yet) been accepted into the main OO tree by Sun. So it tends to be one step ahead of the main OO tree except where Sun develops new features itself. For example, .docx support was available in Go-OO for about a year before it got into the main OO tree.

I’ve tried Lotus Symphony and i find that it’s nothing special. I don’t use office suites except a word processor once or twice a month. So OpenOffice, KWord or Kate is just fine for me:)

Thanks for the feedback.

But for what you posted the link? Its not a forex index site.
Are you spamming the forum???

i tried go-oo and couldnt tell the difference between go-oo and openoffice.