Any one is using superkey or ksuperkey

I was using different methods as installing from yast or directly from opensuse website and I can’t make my windows key work. I am on Leap 42.1

I think you must provide much, much more information about what you do (exactly), what you expect that should happen and what happened instead.

When you assume that your fellow users here are doing what you try to do on a daily basis and thus understand you by this scanty description, you are most probably wrong. They are not clairvoyant either. :wink:

What do you want the “Windows” key to do??. By default it acts like a super shift key for some things but alone does nothing. of course you can add an action to it like any other key

Superkey-TAB takes me to the next activity (you have to first define a second activity in Plasma for that to work). I haven’t tried it for anything else.