any one configured suse to route internet to playstation 3?

i’ve been trying to configure my ps3 to get online manually and havent been successfull so far ?? in particuallar im not sure which ip address to use as the gateway address ??

Do you have openSUSE configured for internet sharing? You’ll need at least 2 interfaces, and will have to configure things appropriately through yast.

Assuming that’s the case, you would merely point the PS3 to the IP addy for the “internal” interface on your openSUSE box as your primary gateway. If the openSUSE box is configured correctly, there should be no difference between pointing the PS3 to it or a standard broadband router for internet access…

Hope this helps?


as far as i know i’ve got things configured for internet sharing the eth1 is routing the internet to my windows box without any trouble eth2 is connected to my ps3 though i cant get online with it how do i find out the gateway address ?? thats the only part of configure the ps3 im usure of i just used the same ip as the one i used for the ip in the eth card configuratioin ?? then i input the dns addresses ??? so im thinking what i’ve done wrong is not input the correct gateway number ?? because ps3 returns a dns error ?? how can i find out this gateway number or if thats not wrong someone else suggested i need to configure eth2 as a subnet ? how do i do that ?

That setup wont work unless you have 3 nics.

You’ll need a switch so that the windows box and ps3 can share eth1 to the internet.

eth0 plugs into modem
eth1 plugs into switch.
windows box & ps 3 plug into switch.

Just to test your ps3 use the connection that you use for the windows box. Set the ps3 to auto dectect settings, i.e. dns, ip etc.

Is the PS3 establishing it’s online connection through the Linux box before it routes to the net?
Or are all 3 clients just that, clients individually connected to the network behind the router?

BTW did you get this solved?

i’ve got a router but dont know how to use it lol can someone help plz its a d-link di704up o and i have 3 nic so shouldnt really need the router unles absolutely necessary till later when i have another machine to add to the network ?.. but for now iz ok if someone could help much appreciated thx pplz