Any mobile phone application for saving data in Suse 11.3 KDE

I have HTC Tattoo Android mobile phone, which has developed some errors and needs formatting. Is there any software in Suse 11.3 KDE, by which I can save my phonebook enteries, sms messages and other important data.
Please help me.

About opensuse I can not find something for smart phones. Because I also use kubundu read this Download Kubuntu | Kubuntu

  • babloo75,

why don’t you use one of the Android backup apps and backup to the SD card? I use Titanium backup (free of charge if you can ignore the ads).


Sorry about Kubuntu. I recently stopped using Kubuntu because of Update problems. Thats why I am here in Suse… (I feel Suse is much better Than Kubuntu) You may differ with me, but difference of opinion is allowed. Thanks any way…

Thanks. Will give it a try…