Any luck with Tumbleweed?

I installed what I believe is the first big Tumbleweed update yesterday, complete with kernel 2.6.38, but it broke my system. I’m using an ATI proprietary driver which had issues compiling against the new kernel, but even after uninstalling that and re-installing the open-source one, it seemed to hang unless I booted into failsafe mode.

I fixed my computer by reverting back, but I was disappointed to see that rolling-release SUSE would break so easily. I knew it would be less stable, but c’mon. My entire system? I couldn’t even get internet to work without switching control back to YaST and ifup.

Anyone have better luck than I did? I’m going to see if ATI has a new driver for 2.6.38 coming out soon, but I have no clue why the network applet would break.

It’s a brand new project and early days since leaving base camp of 11.4, and ATI driver problems appear to be affecting the standard release anyway. Your experience is what less stable means. Don’t forget to feed back your experience to the Tumbleweed mailing list.

Did you try removing the fglrx driver completely, and see if the radeon or radeonhd would work.

Tumbleweed works GREAT on my sandbox PC (athlon-1100 with ancient nVidia FX5200 graphics using the nouveau driver). I can’t be bothered to install the proprietary driver because , in truth, that makes little sense to do so for tumbleweed.

They are using kernel versions that have just been released and it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that AMD or nVidia will be able to react in time to update their drivers for such a new kernel release.

If you experienced disappointment then you are smart to stay away from Tumbleweed, because use of proprietary drivers with Tumbleweed is simply IMHO a very bad idea (if their non-functionality will disappoint you). Tumbleweed is TOO NEW for such drivers to have any reasonable probability of functioning .

I love the idea of Tumbleweed, and I’m not really surprised that proprietary drivers would run into issues with it, but unfortunately that leaves me with the decision of forgoing my graphics driver or Tumbleweed.

Oh well, can’t win them all.

I know you have an ATI card so this doesn’t apply to you, but owners of NVIDIA cards should be encouraged to abandon the NVIDIA proprietary blob and go Nouveau. I have a slightly-old-now 8600GT and I am awestruck by how well Nouveau now works in 3D. Not all Kwin effects are available yet but the most useful ones are, and these as well as various Plasma themes such as Glassified which heavily rely on compositing work much more quickly and smoothly with Nouveau now than they did with the proprietary driver under openSUSE 11.3.
In my experience, anyway…