Any luck with droid tether?

Just got the PDAnet app on my droid that enables tethering an android phone, like the Motorola Droid. On the Windows side, it works great over USB. The Linux side requires dial-up networking over bluetooth.

I have successfully paired phone and computer. Check.
I have bound “rfcomm0” to the phone. Check.
(rfcomm bind /dev/rfcomm0 <address> 1)

In KPPP, I specify rfcomm0 as the “modem” to use for a dial-up connection. Then I query said modem. Nada, error message says unable to create lock file. So I disable the lock file, still nothing. This time it says unable to open modem.

What am I missing?


PS: I have no idea how to get bluetooth tethering to work in Windows, either, actually

Was just looking for a Droid solution myself , did you have any luck ?
Found a python script for changing udev rules , has anyone tried and succeeded with Droid tethering ?