Any ipod touch owners with 'suse out there?

Hey i was wondering if any of you guys own an ipod touch, and if you have it working properly with opensuse. Itunes and my ipod are pretty much the only things keeping me from wiping out my xp laptop and putting opensuse 11 on it!:slight_smile:


i have an ipod touch and run opensuse. I can tell you that it won’t work. You absolutely Have to Have itunes to sync your ipod. no gtkpod or any other linux tool can do the trick. I had to install windows on my pc just to get the #$%#^#$^ thing unlocked in the first place.

It is possible to run windows in vmwareplayer/workstation (not server) and install itunes in there and sync your ipod, but you can’t unlock or firmware upgrade somehow through this link nor will it work on xen, kvm or virtualbox.

if you have hacked your touch with jailbreak it should be possible to access the filesystem by ssh and stuff and you can “mount” it and put files on it manually.

my nano worked perfectly under fedora with gtkpod even better then that horrible monster resource hog itunes but with the iphone/ipod touch you are stuck with it.


Oh well that sucks, looks like i’ll be keeping xp then! I guess i can have a dual-boot with suse and xp?

yes you can dual boot just fine. or if it is unlocked and you don’t do firmware upgrades you can sync through vmware.

Well you have to buy vmware correct? Any free alternatives? Or ill just boot into windows xp every now and then to sync my ipod?

vmware player and vmware server are free. The latest player will sync your ipod and the next server is supposed to as well. For the player however you will need a ready VM, you can just “play” an excisting virtual machine.


There was some work done to sync music from linux. It looks like you have to install from source for the version I tracked down, but take a look at:

Download iphone-usync 0.1 for Linux - iphone-usync is a software for automated wireless syncing with the Apple iPhone. - Softpedia


iphone-usync - Google Code

Yeppers, I’m currently using 10.3 and iPod Touch firmware 2.2
I can’t sync, but I can mount directories via wifi and can mount it as a local folder using a sshfs command. I share my music folder via samba with two windows machines, one XP one Vista, and use I tunes on the vista laptop to sync. I know this doesn’t help you with your problem, but it is a nice way to only keep one music directory. I burn CD’s on the laptop strait to my openSUSE system’s drive and can play that directory from any computer on my network. It sounds complicated but I set it all up from my Linux station. Samba and openSUSE networking features are great. I had no real network experience and had it all working correctly in a few hours.

Unfortunately, Windows or Mac os are required to sync. Some Linux/Mac guru needs to get their ass moving on solving this issue, already. I hate using Windows,… it makes me feel dirty,… like I just slept with a hooker that I knew had gonorrhea.

Another option if you don’t need full sync, and don’t want to jailbreak it is to use a wireless file utility such as airshare

For the client in OpenSuse, I like FileZilla, and one can regularly move files back and forth that way between airshare and filezilla.

Yep, the touch is a really cool device but so far no easy way to sync in opensuse. Although Songbird looks promising as an itunes replacement. Last time I checked though it didn’t support either the touch or iphone.


I have a number of pods in my household and what I have ended up doing is having a VirtualBox guest OS installed on my 11.0 box. Its not very fast but it does allow me to run XP, and depending on who I login as into the virtual machine I get a different iTunes ready for the the different iPod.

I HAVE done a firmware upgrade on the iPod touch from 2.0 to 2.2. The big problem that I had is that during the firmware upgrade process the iPod disconnects and the reconnects as an “iPod Recovery” device, all I had to do was to enable that device using the usb icon at the bottom of the virtualbox display and the firmware upgrade process continued.

The only gripe I have do using Virtualbox/XP/iTunes is that iTunes (8.something) grabs a whole load of CPU and runs really slowly. But I do have a setup now where Virtualbox/XP/iTunes gets its music and videos from the same place that Banshee does. :slight_smile:

Dual booting is probably the best way to go, but I, like you wanted to get rid of XP if I could

Good Luck!

Just wanted to inform that I successfully synced music with itouch via gtkpod.