Any interest to revive a website providing historical versions of SuSE and OpenSUSE since 1994? provided vintage versions of SuSE previously but were removed during 2005 to 2007.

It would be very meaningful for study, discover, and even for fun to have these old versions available for public download again.

It’ll be unlikely that those old versions be installable on current hardwares without using virtualization so security shouldn’t be of great concern.

Moreover, Debian has (they even have!), Ubuntu has, Redhat has (and all previously released RHEL via Redhat Network), Fedora has, FreeBSD has, so why couldn’t OpenSUSE have such one?

Such a site, if to be set up, could be placed on a separate website to avoid being mixed with current OpenSUSE mirror systems.

I’m interested. I recently bought, on a whim, an old Toshiba T2100 laptop with a 486 cpu. I thought it would be fun to have a play with Windows 3.1 and DOS, plus some of the old games. Being old and inattentive, I soon got sidetracked into Win 3.11 and networking. It then dawned on me that I was stuffed, as the T2100 has only a floppy drive - no cd rom, no usb ports. You can buy a network card to fit in the ancient slot in the side (I’ve forgotten what it is called), but it seems impossible to get drivers for the thing (remember that they have to be on floppies).
What has this got to do with linux? Well, I stupidly also bought on eBay a couple of CDs - Suse 10.1 and Suse 9.2 for old times sake. Of course they are no use with the T2100 (no cd drive), but I do still have the handbook for my first adventure with linux - Suse 6.4 so if anyone has a set of floppies for that distro I would be absolutely delighted.

Sorry, my mistake. They were DVDs of Suse 10.1 and 9.2

If you need DVDs,
I think I still have images going all the way back to 10.3 (IMO the first stable version of Novell’s openSUSE).