Any info on OpenVZ with openSuse 11.3 64-bit?

I’m trying to duplicate (on an AMD Athlon II MB) a virtual environment to test a web site before committing to a new web hosting service. That service provides a Virt. private server based on OpenVZ, a container-based method that’s different from Xen. When attempting to install OpenVZ with 64-bit OpenSuse 11.3 there’s a dependency failure: missing programs “initscripts” and “mkinitrd.” A search reveals these are part of the RH distro. Searching for them and OpenVZ on the openSuse site finds nothing at all.

Does this mean that OpenVZ’s OS-based virtualization (a kernel with certain modules compiled in, as I understand it) can’t be installed on an openSuse server? It’s supposed to appear in the grub selection screen as a boot option. I really like openSuse for its ease of use compared to (for example) CentOS and Debian. I prefer to stick with openSuse, however I need to duplicate the OpenVZ service. Hints appreciated.