any help in setting up toshiba function keys??

i have installed suse-11.1 in my toshiba tecra 9000
i installed fnfx and on starting fnfxd
the brightness control enabled tv out disabled.
also i have installed ktoshiba
i did not see any toshiba-extra module in kernel modules
how do i go about enabling Fn keys??

I’ve just configured my Fn keys. Read more here: The mystery of Fn keys - openSUSE Forums. The Toshiba keyboard setup also worked on my MSI M670X laptop.
I also wrote a little howto:
Good luck.

i tried both keytouch and lineak
they dont do any thing to this tecra model 9000 .
kpowersave works give better brightness options.
tv out is still disabled.
there is a mechanical disk volume control so audio control is not required.
i look for Fn F5 is to blank this screen and shift to tv video.
toshiba module in kernel does it in gentoo install.
in windows i have toshiba utility for this purpose.
thanks for showing the link.