any hard drive repair of checkdisk programs for opensuse?

On my laptop, Im running a dual boot of XP and opensuse. Im glad opensuse is still working great because XP just took a massive dump, and I cant get it to work correctly even in safe mode.

I wanted to get into xp to run a repair and a checkdisk on my external hd. Is there an opensuse equivalent of this?

If not I guess I’ll have to track down someone else with a pc who can let me troubleshoot my hd with their computer.

Hmm ok so I found a friend’s computer and was going to use it to runs windows defrag and checkdisk programs. Windows doesn’t recognize the hard drive…doesnt show up at all in either My Computer or Disk Management.

I brought it back to Linux to see if Opensuse would recognize it, no luck. Doesnt appear under my File Manager.

Is it OK to use the same external HD, formatted for windows, back and forth between a Windows and Linux system?

I have a feeling Im completely screwed…but if anybody has any ideas let me hear them.

Shouldn’t be an issue to move disks around like that. If the disk is working, it should be detected. If the partition is readable by the OS, the OS might even mount it. Sounds like your disk is dead. Have a look at the output of dmesg to see if the disk was detected at all. Were you using the same housing? Could also be that.