Any graphics card recommendation


I am just about to order the parts for my new PC.

I have gone with the Asus Z-97-A Mobo. i am uncertain about the on board graphics,
but I am sure they will suffice. That said can anyone recommend a good nVidia card.
I have been thinking about this one;

Gigabyte GV-N730-2GI GT730 Graphic Card (2GB, GRA, PCX)

If you have any other suggestions for a day to day card (I will not be gaming I just happen to choose a gaming Mobo)
then please let me know! Or should I just use the on board graphics?

Any help is appreciated in advance.


Three things to consider are:

  • what is your monitor’s maximum resolution and what is the card’s
  • does your monitor use displayPort or hdmi, and what about the card
  • does your motherboard support pci-e 3, and is the card pci-e 3

Integrated graphics are adequate for a lot of software.
You can always add a card later.

If you get a card, you might as well spend a little more and go GTX
if that’s appropriate for your motherboard.

You might check out
they give the option to exclude Windows. :-]

Note there is an issue with nvidia cards & the default drivers on openSUSE & Plasma 5:

1GB of memory on the card will likely also be more than enough for you.

Although the 2GB version is £7 cheaper lol…

The Gigabyte 1GB is more logically priced:

I guess nvidia only includes displayPort on the more expensive models.

Thank you for all your advise, links and tips ravas.