Any encryption in boot process that could interfere with BIOS update?

Hello community,

I updated BIOS on ASUS Motherboard and now have some random issues with booting (no issues once the system starts).

I want to repeat the process and correct a small mistake I did first time (not renaming the BIOS image), but a message about disabling Bitlocker got me thinking - is there any encryption involved in current Leap, that would/could interfere with BIOS update or changes that it makes?

I just assume it only concerns access to the BIOS itself, but want to make sure there is no other culprit.

I’m not aware of any. And I do use disk encryption.

I updated my BIOS last week, without any problem and without any need for an encryption password.

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@nrickert Thank you, that’s what I think, but wanted to get more assurance by independent and more knowledgeable people :slight_smile:

If you keep the image in /boot/efi/EFI and that partition is encrypted - the BIOS will not see the update.

If the BIOS can see the update image - it is OK to update.

This is true for Dell computers.

@larryr thank you for the suggestion, however I have no issues with that. I use Asus EZ Flash Utility, which reads it from an USB stick and it works well. I only had issues with accompanying EXE program that supposed to rename the image to a very specific name. I installed Wine on my 2nd PC and successfully renamed it there.