any drivers for the radeon x1150 card?

yeah i’m kind’ve new to linux as a whole although i’m trying to learn as much as i can right now. I wanted to know if there were any compatible drivers out for the card mentioned int he topic, (The ATI Radeon Xpress x1150)

and if there are any out there how to install them might be useful >.>

anyway if anyone can help it’d be appreciated.

oh just to let you know. I’ve got the openSUSE 11.1 x86_64 version installed.

i have got ati radeon graphics on my laptop, and i usually do the following: → get it → Package Search → choose your distro and type ‘radeon’ into search field → one-click install the drivers you need …

According to Wikipedia, the X1150 is an r300 card, so the open source xorg ati driver, which is installed by default, should have complete support. Another option is to use the closed source fglrx driver which can be found in the ati driver repository.

This page may help: ATI - openSUSE

hmm… I’ll have a look into those two, the only reason i want to check really is because when i try to play spring it lags like crazy and its stipped of all textures, the only thing i can really think of is that the graphics drivers weren’t up to scratch or something.

I’ll take a look just incase the drivers weren’t put on propperly because i know when i installed the laptop had a few problems with the graphical side of things.

Either way thanks for the quick responses.

If you are doing any 3D gaming then you are probably better off with the fglrx driver. The open source ati driver does have 3D support for the r300 cards, but the performance isn’t as good as the fglrx driver.