any documentation on how to get started using amanda?


Just getting started using amanda. I want to back up both opensuse as well as a couple of windows 7 machines. Is there any getting started using amanda documentation anywhere?

I did a quick Google and the product has it’s own website, where it is not diffucult to get to an item “User Documentation”.

I haven’t set up amanda in about… close to 10 years.
From my recollection, be aware that it uses a range of ports, similar to PASV FTP with the same firewalling difficulties.

I don’t think a current guide exists, but you could wade through its intricacies and know beforehand if you have to traverse firewalls (including zones) you could be in for a headache.

If you’re looking for a really powerful, versatile enterprise-capable backup system, I highly recommend g4u

Some highlights I love…

  • Unlike Amanda, all backups are clone disk images, not file-based backups.
  • All conceivable methods of network transport are supported.
  • All conceivable types of storage are supported from direct attached to network shares to whatever you can imagine

It’s fast and reliable.
And at least to me, it’s easy to setup and maintain because everything is straightforward using common networking techniques as opposed to amanda which is like something out of the dark ages before there was any kind of network security.