Any difference between nvidia-settings and SAX2?

Installed openSUSE11.1 and did a one click install of Nvidia drivers, everything works but the screen size is weird, it is too “tall” such that the screen actually need scrolling to see all, weird!

Used nvidia-settings to setup X11 to the correct size of 1440X900 and screen is back to normal (full screen).

However, when I tried to confirm the setting using YAST ->Hardware ->Graphics Card and Monitor, it results in an error message to see /var/log/Xorg.99.log and cannot proceed.

Out of curiosity, I manually override the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf with an old config file and reboot.

After reboot, YAST ->Hardware ->Graphics Card and Monitor works normally and my screen size is also normal.

So, is there any difference between between nvidia-settings and SAX2 and should I avoid using nvidia-settings?

However, when I tried to confirm the setting using YAST ->Hardware ->Graphics Card and Monitor

For me, this is they way I have always configured mine.
I have to select a generic LCD->
I have the same 1440x900 @70
Test / save
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to logout and then back in.

FYI: I always disable auto login.

I was having dual-head problems (discussed in another thread), and gminnerup was saying that you should use nvidia-settings instead of SaX2, although SaX2 worked for me in the end. Hrm, what kind of error were you having with nvidia-settings? Did you, err, cough remember to run it as root?

I think w.r.t. the xorg.conf files generated, what gminnerup was saying was that you should use *either *the one generated by SaX2, or the one generated by nvidia-settings, and not make use of the “merge” option allowed by nvidia-settings (even though they allow it).

When I do Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, my system gives me a beep and nothing else. Understand that Ubuntu had disable it and openSUSE then followed :frowning:

Any idea how to re-enable it?

As mentioned earlier, I had it running “normal” now after I manually override the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf with an old config file and reboot.

Just curious what’s the difference between the two methods.

openSUSE Forums - View Single Post - Severe Boot Problem after Today’s Updates I mentioned it here in this thread, worked for me.

As for differences I get the impression sax2 is less forgiving in syntax and may even be expecting some kind of syntax in xorg.conf.

You can check your xorg log if there is any errors they should be visible. I personally never got on with sax2, and have used the nvidia way for a long time ymmv.

Just too many ways to create an xorg IMO.

Ctrl-Alt-Backspace twice in quick succession.

OK … I mentioned because I ran into this problem where I could not run nvidia-settings with sudo (which was my habit of running things-that-need-to-be-run-as-root), and required an su into root before it would work, and I was wondering if anyone else had run into this.

My guess would be that, SaX2 being something that is intended to handle “everything under the sun” w.r.t. possible video cards, wouldn’t be able to set the various flags etc. that the Nvidia-provided drivers would be aware of, in which case using SaX2 you’d be skipping out on some of the things your card+driver could do?

Avoid Sax2, use nvidia-settings but make sure you run it as su.
If you have already used both to write to your xorg.conf, check for duplicates/conflicting settings: Sax2 is not to be trusted…
Now I believe those who report good results with Sax2 but I think that’s because they don’t use nvidia-settings. Don’t use both, whatever you do.

I have been using nvidia-settings to set the screen resolution for a while (19201080). As I now have a problem with my display driver, I looked at sax2 (through Yast) and the resolution was set to 1024768. In fact it was already the case before. => I therefore think that nvidia-settings has a priority against sax2.

My current problem (with 185.18.14 driver) is that GLX rendering is set to “no” for me, but not for the other users of the family PC! (so that I do not think it is an xorg.conf problem)
I tried to look in $HOME/nvidia-settings.rc but no sign of anything connected to glx direct rendering.

=> Where can I set “GLX direct rendering” back to “yes” ?