Any comments on KDE 4.6.0?

I have a few and wondered if anyone else had noticed anything. My few are:

32bit is flakey. Clicks don’t do anything. Strange mix of doubles and singles. Safe mode booted to KDE with a lot of consoles open. :wink: Sometimes I wish it would do something like that. I did have the nvidia driver installed and that may be the cause. No crashes though.

On 64bit which I have used for a number of days now.
Some rather long and even longer delays following mouse clicks. The rather long one turned out to be the KDE indexing facility so have turned it off and those disappeared.Better than Beagle but - so as to speak. Re Installed with acpi disabled and this seems to have cured the very long ones. From past experience acpi delays aren’t that unusual with all power saves turned of at the desktop level.

Initially installed on ext4. Following a note one the kubuntu site of all places that ext4 can take twice as long as ext3 for some things I changed to ext3. Going on install time this is true. Much much quicker even though I loaded all of the dev kit this time. The ext4 install was the default.

Not to pleased with the nouveau driver. It’s connected to an nvidia 210 silent and the desktop effects seem to be a lot better using nvidia driver. Glxgear suggests about a 4 to one difference in performance. Some how it does seem to have improved a bit with use. My guess on that is that the effects timings are shorter. No such problem with the nvidia driver. Even the desktop fades in.

A 32bit opera download installed ok on 64bit. Yast downloaded lots of 32bit files. Important to me as I ran 10.3 64bit for a long time - 64bit too soon as few apps other than the standard stuff supported it. I did complain about that and was told “we would have to install all of the 32bit libraries” well most people have too much disc space these days.

Had real problems importing my emails. I reinstalled my old 10.3 setup and tar’d the entire directory rather than just copying it to a usb disc. Copied the tar across instead. Expanded and imported without any problems. At a loss to explain this but have noticed comments from some time ago about file management flaws in 64bit so this might be down to 10.3. Don’t really know. I have always just copied the directories before and imported without any problems - once kde added the install following my complaint. Before that they were dragged across and chown’d with konqueror.

Not sure why but firefox is irritating me so have switched to opera for a while at least, Could be the position of the reload button, f6 not highlighting the address bar for a delete and the last search being left rather than cleared. Not highlighted either. That was 32bit again.

The kde pdf reader is still incredibly slow on huge hi res scans or books. Hope I can still install adobe. Also flawed or a lot lot slower on 32bit.

i use it for a while(32 bit),it was fantastic,no crashes and it was fast,and i do not have any problems with it,but i do Prefer gnome,it is more flexible and more stable…(in my view)

KDE 4.6.0 has been fine for me, except on one underpowered computer. After I managed to turn off Desktop Effects, it was fine there, too.

If you haven’t already done so, try turning off desktop effects. If that is not the problem, then it may be video driver problems.

On 04/27/2011 10:36 PM, ajohnw wrote:
> I have a few and wondered if anyone else had noticed anything.

this is not a forum for wide ranging comments and discussions on
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instead it is a help forum, a place where folks can describe their
problem and ask for help…the top of the web forum describes it as
“Questions about desktops (KDE, Gnome, XFCE, etc.), software
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i’m going to ask a moderator move it to the chit-chat or soapbox forum…

if you need help with firefox (for example) this is the place to get
it…but, please put only one problem in each post…

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No problems and bugs with KDE 4.6.0. Now I have 4.6.2 one word: Perfect.:)rotfl!

No problems and bugs with KDE 4.6.0. Now I have 4.6.2 one word: Perfect

My sentiments as well :slight_smile:

And usability at all. KDE is created for programmers and as you understand KDE for developing ROCKS.

Using 32bit KDE 4.6.0 that came bundled with 11.4. No problems at all.

Best regards,

It is not perfect, i can assure you of this. It is, however, most stable and does what you want.
One of the things i still see, and i files a bug report on it, is the unsecure user switch. It still displays what was last used on that screen.
But aside of that, i normally don’t have any issues.

KDE 4.6.0 is relatively fine on my end, sure I get crashes and bugs buts okay for the most part.

I’ve had some strange issues from one KDE session to the next KDE session. For example I would log out of KDE and back in and find some processes from the previous session still running and eating all available processing power. Occurred mainly on 4.6.0, but I have not seen anything like that lately.

Apart from that, apart from the suboptimal audio (pulse, alsa) which is neither here nor there, and apart from the token shoddyness of nearly anything plasma, KDE 4.6.x is OK though. Desktop effects especially are super (and helpful).

Thanks folks. Your impressions are more or less the same as mine. Thought this should be the case and more people should know.

It is mostly viable now and IT is an application.

KDE 4.6 is usable, but there are still some annoying bugs.

For me, the most annoying bug is the one where all windows are hidden behind the plasma background at startup (mostly happens to Multi-Screen users running a single X-Server (e.g. TwinView) when they boot without a second screen installed). The workaround requires to end the activity that is active after startup, but since applications are activity sensitive now (generally a good thing if it would work properly), I need to close and reopen all applications.

However, these (two) bugs are not annoying enough to me to trade in KDE 4.6 for anything else. rotfl!