Any Chance To Have Atom On OpenSUSE Repos?

Hi, I’m currently using Atom text editor, pretty sure that somebody here already heard about it, it is developed by the guys at GitHub:

I downloaded the rpm from their website since it is not available on openSUSE repos, but this way is not the best one, since I have to manually check for updates every time.

Is there any chance to see it on our repos too? And, as a bonus, is there a way to propose new software for openSUSE (maybe with the ability to upvote proposals like openFATE but just for new software), instead of posting here on the forums?

Re-posting periodically in the Forums isn’t likely going to get you anywhere…

Submit a request to

If you’re really ambitious and would like to get the ball rolling by packaging Atom for openSUSE yourself, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of help and Guidance if you post your questions in one of the Development forums.


You might want to start by encouraging the creation of an electron package.